Sunday, June 17, 2012

 This is an old Russian style fort being re-constructed on the UAF campus
 On our drive to Healy by Denali Park this rainbow popped out and was quite spectacular.
 This is a quilt made by Sister Spens and given to Adam and Aubrey for their wedding.
 Adam and Aubrey's wedding occurred at the branch with only two other friends so it was a small celebration.
 This is the upper part of Skyline Drive where we like to walk.
These were the decorations for the Asian theme dance at the branch this last Saturday. The paper lanterns were made at our family home evening.

We have had another busy week filled with events. We were down in Healy on Wednesday for institute however we had a total no-show on YSA. So we went over to Denali Park and drove into Savage River which is as far as you can drive into the park in private cars. We saw caribou along the way and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. On our return drive about 11:00 pm at night we both commented that it felt like it was 7:00 or 8:00 pm in the evening and the sun would be setting soon. It is just our biological clock telling us what the conditions are rather than the reality of the midnight sun conditions here and the fact that it would be light all night with no darkness. Maybe our biological clocks set in Utah will never adapt to the conditions here in Alaska. 

Our Thursday institute class continues to grow and we have a room full of students. It is a great group of young people and our summer class here in Fairbanks is going very well. We have a wide variety of young people some working for the summer, some return missionaries and some youth recently graduated from seminary. It makes for an excellent summer class as we study the Pearl of Great Price. We always have great class participation and the food that Sister Spens makes is always great.

Adam and Aubreys wedding was most interesting. It was basically them the Branch President a couple of their friends and us. It was truly very small and simple. Sister Spens brought a small cake and some sparkling cider for a brief celebration after the wedding. The good news is that they plan on being sealed in the Calgary Alberta temple this fall by Aubrey's grandfather. Adam has not been a member for a year as yet so they just decided upon his return from Alaska trooper academy to get married civilly and be sealed later. Sister Spens made the beauriful quilt for them in the colors of Aubrey's choice. It was the only gift at the wedding. 

On Saturday night there was a dance at the institute building with an Asian theme. It was well decorated as you can see from the above picture and it was well attended by many young adults. We stopped by for a while and danced a bit. 

This Sunday being Fathers' Day, Elder Spens spoke in sacrament meeting on the subject of patience. Sister Spens accompanied Gary Holyoak while he sang "Bring Him Home," from the musical Les Miserable. There was a great feeling of the spirit in our meeting, and we so much appreciate the opportunity we have of attending church with the YSA and for our associations with these strong young members of the church. We feel like the church is truly in good hands for the future.   

Elder and Sister Spens