Monday, June 27, 2011

Some wildflowers growing by the side of the road.
This is a view from the University of Alaska across the valley. 

A direction sign on campus telling how far you are from wherever.

                   Siberian iris grow along the sides of the roads and in big fields.  They are a beautiful sight.

We have had another wonderful week.  For home evening, we had a barbecue at Pres. Olsen's house (also our house.)  It was well attended.  Somehow food attracts the young adults.  We had more students at out class in Delta and a wonderful group for class on Thursday evening.  Another couple announced their engagement on Sunday.  Jared was sure he was going to be single the rest of his life and then Rachel came up to drive buses this summer.  I asked her if she had any idea that she would be engaged so soon.  Things have to happen quickly here because the influx of new people only lasts for the summer.  We are excited for them.

I love watching the wildflowers bloom.  Alaska is know for the abundance of fire weed that is just beginning to bloom.  We officially had the longest day last week.  In Alaska, they enjoy summer as much as they can because it is so short.  Then winter comes again.  Our little garden is producing a nice crop of cilantro.  I made white chicken chili for Institute on Thursday night to use up some of it.  I hope we get some tomatoes before too long, at least cherry tomatoes. 

I have been working hard on the library.  With the new program and the cataloging information from the Church Library in Salt Lake, it has made it so much easier.  It's still a big project.  We just found out that the institute recarpeting project will start on July 11.  Hopefully that means that it will be finished in time for seminary in the fall. 

President and Sister Dance leave on Tuesday and President and Sister Beesley will be arriving.  It's hard to see them go.  President and Sister Dance have been such a support and strength to the mission.  We all love them dearly.  Pres. Beesley is coming to Fairbanks on Saturday to visit the missionaries here.  We are anxious to be able to meet them, too.  We had a wonderful couples meeting with Pres. & Sis. Dance last Tuesday.  It was the first time the couples in the mission had met together.   Even though most of them were in Anchorage, we were able to join them by phone conference.  It was a good experience for us to be on the other end of things.  We now know how our teachers feel when they call in from far away for inservice meetings.  There are now 9 senior couples in our mission and one more coming soon.  We all have varied responsibilities, but all are needed so much.  We feel very blessed to be able to be a part of this great work. 

We pray for the Lord's blessings to be with all of our family and friends.  Helping the work along here  has been a great blessing for us.  We love you all.

JoAnn & Jim