Sunday, November 28, 2010

                                              We will soon be taking the state of Alaska's drivers
                                               test so we need to be familiar with the regulatory signs.
                                               So how about the one above just down the road from
                                               where we live. Moose crossing so watch out!

                                                 Her is another unusual regulatory sign. Dogs sleds
                                                 and mushing are very popular here in Fairbanks.
                                                 This is apparently a popular crossing area.
                                                     It warmed up to 12 degrees today so we went for
                                                     a long walk through the woods above the University
                                                     of Alaska. We saw fresh moose track and a couple
                                                     of dogs on the 'pooch' trail.

This has been a unusual week.  Monday started with warm temperatures and freezing rain.  It was our first experience with freezing rain.  It's a skating rink out there.  Because of this unusual weather schools and seminary were closed for the week.  Warm weather made it possible to make snowmen - a rare occurrence here.  We understand we swapped weather for a few days.

Thanksgiving Day brought many thoughts of blessings we have received.  We missed being with our family, but we were invited to share Thanksgiving with a member family.  It was fun to see different traditions.  One of their traditions is a pie fest.  There were about 25 people for dinner and 18 different kinds of pies!

Saturday we decided to brave the cold (it was back again) and go for a walk.  I kept thinking about "walking in a winter wonderland."  In Alaska there are a lot of winter trails for cross country skiing.  We found some trails that allowed foot travel.  Unfortunately, they were about 18" wide and very lumpy.  It was amazing to me that at each of the crossroads we met a couple walking their dog.  They were able to guide us to the correct path.  Other than that we didn't see anyone.  I thought about how often we are guided in our lives to take the path that is best for us.  I know if we stay close to the Lord, he will guide us in the decisions that we make.  (Our trek included walking across a frozen lake - a new experience for me.)

Tonight was the baptism of Staci Homelvig, a student that has been taught by the Elders mostly at the institute.  She is a wonderful girl and so very happy with the choice she has made.

 Have a wonderful week.  We love you.
JoAnn & Jim