Sunday, May 27, 2012

                                   This bull moose was on the roadside near our apartment.
                                            Iceworm Gulch is still frozen near Denali Park.
      In Alaska they say it's so cold the snow is blue.  It's blue here in Iceworm Gulch.
This pictures was taken near Fairbanks looking towards the mountains in the distance.  The Tanana River winds it's way through the Interior of Alaska.  We are so blessed to serve in this beautiful place.
Jim at the Air Museum in Pioneer Park.
Another airplane in the museum.
                   Check out the sunrise and sunset and length of day and we're not at the solstice yet.

It's been a great week.  President and Sister Beesley were here in Fairbanks this weekend for specialized training with the missionaries.  It is a great opportunity for us to learn from them.  We had training on Friday afternoon, and they attended the Branch meetings today.  We are beginning to appreciate the great responsibility they carry in helping the missionary work go forward here in Alaska. 

On Saturday we were invited to a birthday celebration for one of the young adults and then decided to spend some of our preparation day visiting the museums in Fairbanks that we had not seen before.  It was free day at the museums, so we took advantage of the opportunity.  We thought some of the grandsons might be interested in the airplane pictures. 

We enjoyed our trip to Healy (near Denali Park) on Wednesday to begin classes there.  Much to our disappointment, the students didn't come.  We hope to be able to have students this week when we try again.  I told the missionaries here that it was like going to an appointment and finding no one home.  

Thursday's class was wonderful.  We are teaching the Pearl of Great Price.  I began by teaching a short lesson on one of the Articles of Faith.  Knowing the Articles of Faith and being able to explain them can be a great way to share the principles of the gospel with others.  Elder Spens then takes the time to go into depth in the teachings found in the Pearl of Great Price.  How blessed we are to have the understanding that is found in that small book.  Of course, everyone enjoyed the food afterwards. 

Working here with the young missionaries and the young adults here is a wonderful opportunity.  They are so appreciative of all we do.  It's fun to be part of their lives and watch their lives unfold.  Pres. Beesley asked me today if I was getting excited about returning home.  I told him that I was really looking forward to being with family again, especially the grandchildren. "That's the way it should be", he told me.  We have been so blessed as we have been here.  Our understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ has increased.  We love being able to serve. 

Love to all,
JoAnn & Jim