Monday, September 5, 2011

President & Sister Beesley
                                                    A field of fire weed turning bright red.
                                                             A maple tree in our yard.
                                 This woodcarving is called "Three Generations" and was carved by a native Alaskan.
                                 It is the latest in our collection of native art. 

This week has been wonderful.  President and Sister Beesley came to Fairbanks Thursday afternoon and were here until Monday morning.  They stayed upstairs in Pres. Olsen's spare room.  It was a blessing to have them here.  They spent Friday at the Institute interviewing missionaries.  They were at the Institute on Thursday night for our first day of class although they didn't attend classes.  Sunday night Pres. Beesley spoke at a fireside for about 40 young people and members of our stake.  It is exciting to see his videos as a test pilot for secret airplanes and hear how he relates flying to the decisions and choices we have to make in life.  It was well received.  President and Sister Beesley are amazing.  I can't believe how much energy they give to keep the mission work going well.   We had a special fast on Friday for a new area that is being opened near Sitka with two elders being assigned to that area. 

Saturday afternoon we stopped at a wonderful garden that we have been watching all summer.  Their produce was for sale.  I bought a giant zucchini for $1.00--the kind you can't give away at home.  It made some wonderful zucchini bread that we served at the fireside and I still have 3/4 of it left to make more.  Saturday morning Pres. & Sister Beesley and Pres. Olsen had breakfast with us before starting on their busy day. 

Classes began on Thursday with a wonderful turnout for the 7:30 class.  We had about 30 in attendance.  Of course, my class at 6:00 was smaller, but not as many are off work or out of school by then.  I was happy with the class.  Our Friday morning class was very small -- one person.  However, we will continue to encourage others to come and a few more have promised to be there.  We have another class starting Tuesday night.  We have invited several people in the stake to help with the different lessons.  We are hoping for a good turnout.  I had three girls ask me on Sunday if I would teach a class for them on Wednesdays.  It's a joy to be able to work with these great kids.

Fall is definitely in the air, but we have had two nice weeks of pleasant weather and mostly clear skies.  It's a nice change from rain.  We loved hearing about Izzie's blessing.  We are so pleased with how are family is supporting each other while we are gone.  We love you all!

JoAnn & Jim