Monday, March 7, 2011

Sister Spens, Elder Spens, Elder Wadsworth & Elder Smith.

A small herd of caribou near Denali
Mt. McKinley with snow blowing off the top. 

     Elder Wadsworth above has returned to his home town of Hiko, Nevada which is about 100 miles south of Ely. He is now working on his fathers cattle ranch or in other words he is back in the saddle again.  We took this picture after we had them for dinner the night before he returned home.
     One thing we notice with the missionaries and the young single branch members is that there is a constant flow both in and out. New converts come into the branch and attend institute classes and then missionaries as well as young adults either move away to work or school or they get married. It is a state of constant change. However, we were asked by some young people that as missionaries are we going to be transferred? Our reply was that it is a possibility but is probably unlikely. We should spend our entire mission here at the institute and the YSA branch.
     We have eaten caribou but the small herd pictured above is our first chance to see them on the move and not on our plate. The caribou is really quite good with no game flavors at all. It is much like beef. Alaskan caribou hunters are allowed to harvest 5 or 7 of the animals during the hunt but only one per day. The Yukon  moose hunts allow a person to harvest one per year.
     The lower picture above is of Mt. McKinley from the park highway on our return from the Anchorage Temple. This area is on the outside of the Denali Park. The view is of the 20,000' peak with snow blowing from its summit. The view is probably 30 miles away. The lower mountains in the foreground would be the 9,000' and 10,000' peaks leading up to Denali. Though not visible from this perspective the canyons leading down from Denali are filled with large glaciers. Alaska is truly a vast wilderness.
     The church continues to grow her in Alaska. A new ward was created in the Fairbanks stake last weekend. The area of Delta Junction south of us about two hours has a branch that will soon become a ward. The missionaries in the Delta Junction area are saying that the missionary work could best be described as an explosion of activity as they are working with 9 investigators.  The Lord's kingdom continues to grow here in Alaska. It's great to be a part of the missionary efforts and to be missionaries here.
     We truly enjoyed the opportunity of being in the Anchorage Temple again, and especially being there when Melanie Johnson received her endowments in preparation for her marriage to Travis Payton in the Logan Utah Temple this coming Saturday.  They are a wonderful couple. 
     We are so grateful to our family for taking care of Tina and her family after her unfortunate skiing injury and surgery a week ago.  Thanks for all your help.  We continually pray for all of you. 

Love to all of you,
Mom and Dad (JoAnn & Jim)