Monday, May 2, 2011

                         Home Evening at Sister Maynes home.  Part of the group having refreshments.
     Creamer's Field Wildlife Refuge.  Spring is here when the Canada Geese start to return.  Thousands of them will return to this field.

                                           A barbershop quartet serenade at the Branch Prom.
                                            What a strange house!  It's tricky to get up to the door.
                                                               Branch Prom picture.

We have been enjoying the warmer weather.  Spring is beginning to poke it's head up and the snow is mostly melted.  We have had a chance to take a couple walks after Institute classes and have found some very interesting things.  At Creamer's Field, thousands of Canada geese return.  They plant barley in the field so that the geese will be out of the flight path of the airport.  It seems to work.  The first person to spot a goose wins a prize.  There were swans and other birds as well.  Lots of parents and children were there to see them, too.  On Saturday we found the strangest house we have seen yet.  We only scratch our heads at what we find here.  There are two metal towers holding this house up.  I guess they have a great view of the aurora in the winter, etc.  Right now the sun sets about 10:30 pm.  The mosquitoes are starting to come out.  The word is that the mosquito is the state bird.  Fun times.

Friday was the Branch Prom.  It was a fun affair and the students worked hard to prepare for it.  There were several students that came alone and all of them had a great time.  We were impressed at how often they changed partners and danced with everyone.  Our elders quorum president sings in a barbershop quartet and asked his group to come serenade us before the dance began.  They were really good.  It was a nice treat.

Today our Sacrament Meeting almost doubled in size.  There were new people here to work for the summer and students returning from school as well.  We have been so impressed with their desire to live the gospel and be strong in their testimonies of the Savior.  Tonight we had the CES Fireside with Sister Rosemary M. Wixom, the Church General Primary President.  She gave a wonderful address encouraging the audience to gain testimonies and direction in their lives through living the gospel.  We had a really good group come.  It was the largest group we have had.   It's such a blessing for us to get to know these young adults.

Classes are ending this week for this semester.  We have really enjoyed working with the students and our other classes.  Summer will be a little different, but we will enjoy the challenge to keep busy.  We have had four boxes of books donated to the library.  I'm getting excited about the opportunity to better organize our library this summer.

We love and miss all our family and friends.  May the Lord continue to bless you.

JoAnn & Jim