Monday, April 25, 2011

                                    Welcome Spring!  Some pussy willows.  The first sign of spring.
                                  Saturday was a beautiful day for a walk.  The snow is melting and it's warm.
                            A frozen lake at the trail head for cross-country skiing near the University.
                                        We've watched this house being built. It's an Alaska thing.

Happy Easter to all.  What a wonderful time to reflect on the great mission and atoning sacrifice and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.  We feel so blessed to be able to share our testimonies that He lives and loves us all.  What a blessing to know that if we choose to repent and follow Him that we can return as families to live with Him forever. 

It's getting warmer in Fairbanks.  We had a pleasant walk on Saturday and even found pussy willows.  So far, they are the first signs of spring.  "Break up" is the season of melting and the rivers start breaking up their ice.  "Break up" has been late this year because of the cold weather.  If it stays warm like it has been for a couple of days, it will soon start.  The little frozen lake has melted somewhat even today. 

I must explain the house picture.  Outside of the city limits, there are no building codes here.  In November, the builder of this house put up the white box in the back.  Soon it was covered with white insulation and a stove pipe appeared out of the top.  All winter, he lived in the little box.  A few weeks ago, he started building on the front part and then started adding the top.  You will notice that the house is built on pilings - no foundation - probably no water either.  It's not unusual to have a home with no water.  The water is trucked in and put in tanks.  In the back ground, you can see a few of the larger houses up on the hill.  Homes here run from a very small shack to larger sized homes.  Most of them are wood siding.  Some don't even seem to get that far. 

Today we had the chance to share our Easter dinner with 7 young adults from the branch and the branch president.  We crowded around our table and it was great to have so many for dinner again.  It was almost like being home, but not quite.  Tonight Jim was the speaker at a fireside.  He brought his replica gold plates, sword of Laban, Urim and Thummim, and Liahona picture.  He enjoys sharing the importance of these with others.  Today, we have our own Liahona to guide us.  It is our scriptures.  When we study them diligently, heed their directions, and use our faith, they will direct us as well. 

With love to all,
Jim and JoAnn