Sunday, October 31, 2010

                                   Looking outside from the Institute window.  It's a forest here.
                                 Elder Spens studying for the class he taught on Thursday.
                                 This is his new office.
                                   Sister Spens trying to remember all the things she is learning.
                                                      The main hallway at the Institute.                               

                                               This serves as lunch room and fun room.
                                         This is our driveway.  We live in the blue house up the hill.
       Here you could literally go "over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house."

     It's been a wonderful week.  We thought you might like to see some of the places that we are getting used to.  Thursday we took care of all the institute business by ourselves.  It was wonderful meeting so many of the students.  Jim substituted in the Doctrine & Covenants class and really enjoyed it.  My duties took me to the kitchen preparing food for the snack between classes and the light dinner after.  These kids really like to eat and enjoy each other's company.
     We were also able to visit two of the seminary classes that meet in our building.  Seminary is at 6:30 am here.  I know that's not new to some of you, but it stretches me to be awake and present by then.  Tomorrow we are traveling to North Pole to visit two seminary classes there.  Sounds fun, doesn't it.
     Today we met with the singles branch that meets in our building.  We will be part of their branch for a while at least.  I was impressed at their spirit and insights.  One speaker spoke about how faith brings action and power.  She told us that faith is like a muscle that you must exercise to keep strong.  When you pray for a worthy goal, your faith will be strengthened.   I know that we must always remember that our Heavenly Father has a plan for us and that he will help us reach Him if we keep the commandments and have faith that He knows how to help us and what is best for us.  Remember that "faith is like a mustard seed, if planted it will grow."  But we also need to do our part and nurture it so that it can grow.
     We love you all,
     JoAnn and Jim