Sunday, February 5, 2012

                               This is an early morning seminary class we visited in Delta Junction
                        This is Sister Michie the teacher of the early morning class in Delta junction
                               The second all sisters conference in the mission home in Anchorage
         This is the "general authority" room where we stay whenever we stay at the mission home in Anchorage.
                          The mission home in Anchorage with there heavy snow and lots of mission cars.
 A closer look with the little Chev four wheel drive truck that the mission allowed us to use while in Anchorage.
     The snow is heavy in Anchorage as you can see here. The mountains in the distance are just the beginning of a vast mountain range that persists from Anchorage north for about two hundred miles and is called the Alaska range. Basically from Anchorage north is a vast wilderness of mountains including large glacier fields. We flew down to Anchorage on Wednesday afternoon. That night Sister Spens was able to attend the all sisters conference at the mission home. We found Anchorage to be blanketed with a heavy snow that made us appreciate the four wheel drive vehicle that we borrowed from the mission. That car got us safely to the mission home on Wednesday night even though the roads were heavy with snow. Sister Spens enjoyed the sisters conference and Elder Spens was assigned to stay in his room that night during the conference.
     Sister Spens helped out by making cinnamon rolls for the missionaries for breakfast. Thursday late in the afternoon we went to dinner with the other CES couple the Schindler's and then attended the Anchorage Temple that night. On Friday we had CES training at the Anchorage institute however the 20 minute commute to the institute because of the heavy snow turned into over an hours commute. The training was also shortened because of the heavy snow so as to allow all participants an early start for their commute.  Several of the missionaries were snowed in at the mission home and were not able to leave for their areas until the weather lifted and the roads were better on Saturday.  It was wonderful to be able to spend time with them and feel their enthusiasm and spirits. 
     The "general authority" room pictured above is where we always stay when we are at the mission home in Anchorage. We are told that it has that name simply because of all of the general authorities that have stayed in that particular room while visiting in Alaska. It is simply a nice room in the mission home.
     On Friday night we attended the temple again along with the Wrigley family including Mallory who will leave this Tuesday for her mission in Brazil. The first of the week we spent in Delta Junction with the Wrigley family and visited the early morning seminary class pictured above. We continue to enjoy our work here with the institute and the early morning seminary. We have made so many wonderful friends and have come to love the YSA as if they were our own children or grand children.
Elder Spens and Sister Spens