Sunday, April 3, 2011

                                                     Jung Tak's wedding shower at the Institute.
                                  Jung opening the throw I made for her from Jerri Olsen's "stash."

                                                          Another view of the throw.
                                                    Elder Spens didn't want to be left out.

      The Elders Hall pictured above is at the Morris-Thompson center in Fairbanks. (It's kind of a museum community display center.)  The hall is for the elderly native Americans use. It makes and interesting picture.

     Speaking of interest the institute continues to be a place of interest to serve our mission. There are a variety of activities in any given week like: Wedding receptions, district meetings for elders in the Fairbanks area, wedding showers as shown above, occasional ward dinners and YSA classes, activities, various meetings as well as weekly branch meetings. Oh, also an occasional fireside too.  It can get very busy.  This week being general conference we started watching the morning sessions live on Saturday and Sunday at 8:00am due to the time differential.  We have a huge satellite receiver on the institute property, however it does not point up into the sky but rather points almost horizontally to the south to receive the communication satellite signal. Also we had a "pancake brunch" between the sessions on Sunday. 

     We are starting to see the spring thaw here in Fairbanks. The ice has left the roads but  not the parking lots so the institute parking lot is covered with about three inches of ice. We have chipped most of it away from the entry sidewalk but the parking area is still covered. We continue to enjoy teaching and the  association we have  with the YSA. This spring semester is coming to an end and we are starting to think about the Summer schedule. We love to teach the gospel and continue to learn along with out students. Not only is the gospel great but it is great to be missionaries as well.

Jim and JoAnn