Sunday, December 5, 2010

                                        A view of the main part of Fairbanks from the University.
                                                                Our Christmas window.
                                      Our Christmas decorations borrowed from Sister Olsen, upstairs.
                                                                  This is our kitchen.
                                                        Another view of our living room. 

This is just a  little tour of our house so you know where we live.  We have always liked to see our children's homes so that we can picture where they live.  It was wonderful to be able to talk to so many of the family after Gavin's baptism on Saturday.  We are so pleased with his desire to be baptized and to follow the Savior.  It was especially nice to see and talk to Mom and Dad.  Technology is wonderful.  This afternoon we enjoyed seeing the First Presidency Christmas Devotional with the branch members.  We have grown to love the young people that we have met here in Fairbanks.  They are so excited about sharing the gospel with their friends. 

We had some Alaskan technical difficulties with our apartment this week.  The vent pipes on the roof froze and we got the benefit of sewer gasses.  It was pretty nasty.  It took a couple of days to realize that the washer/dryer in the bathroom was not plumbed correctly.  While I went to a Relief  Society meeting with Sister Olsen, Jim and Bro. Olsen put a "P" trap in the plumbing and no more problems.  There are some unique problems here that we are learning to live with. 

What a wonderful time of year to think about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We are so blessed to know that He lives and did live.  His birth was so humble and His life and example so extraordinary and perfect.  May we remember Him this holiday season and do something for someone that may need help and follow His example.

We love you.
Jim and JoAnn