Sunday, December 12, 2010

                                                     Tonight's temperature -30 degrees
                                    Look, it's the sun.  What time do you think it is?                                   
                                                            Light poles in North Pole.
                                               Good weather for a nice photo of the mountains.

It's been another fun week.  We continue to have new experiences each day.  The temperature is starting to get colder, but we expect it to do better than that.  We really are staying warm.   Most of the gas for the car is used up in warming it up before we go someplace.  Cars really don't like very cold weather.

This week was the last day of Institute classes until school starts again in January.   I decided we needed to have a Christmas Party after classes.  We always have "munch and mingle" after class, but I tried to make this special.  We feel very blessed to be able to associate with such great young people.  I'm going to accompany a couple of solos on Sunday, so I have had a chance to practice on the newly tuned pianos.  It's fun to be able to practice with a purpose.

We have prepared the schedule for classes next semester and already have had a request for two additional classes.  When 3 or more students want to schedule a weekday class, we are going to try to provide those classes for them.  They have to give us a time slot that will fit their schedules.  It's not quite the same in a small institute.  We are also offering another night class for anyone who would like to come.  We will be studying the Gospels and ending class at Easter time.  That should be a wonderful class.  We are also scheduling a class for Relief Society ladies in the day time.  We will be studying the teachings of the living prophets.  I'm really looking forward to have a chance to teach as well as do secretarial work.  We had a great inservice meeting with our seminary teachers this week but had a bit of technical difficulty which didn't allow others out of town to call in.  We will do better next time.  (Oh, the time is 12:45 p.m. for the picture--lunch time.)

We do miss some of the frantic preparations with family for the Christmas season, but have been able to feel more peace and joy in thinking of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  May you find time to reflect on the Savior and read His words.  His life was the greatest gift of all.

Jim and JoAnn