Monday, January 24, 2011

                               This is a better picture of the house where we live in the basement entry
                               to the right. Our LDS land lord raised eight children in the house, however
                               they are all living somewhere in the lower 48 except for one boy on a mission
                               in Korea.
                                Closer view of our apartment entrance. Most of these houses in the
                                neighborhoods that surround Fairbanks are located on several acres of
                                wooded property. We have here that land costs here are about $10,000
                                per acre.
                                                      This ice sculpting is in front of a dentists office.
                                                      Maybe it represents an angel of mercy for painless
Above is a wood carving of an Eskimo figure in the park in Fairbanks. He appears to be throwing a harpoon.

This last week has been a very busy one. Classes at the Institute have started an so we are teaching and preparing for a Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith on Monday during the day. Tuesday JoAnn teaches a class on Teachings of the Living Prophets during the day to older sisters in the stake. Then Wednesday I teach a New Testament Gospel class to older stake members in the evening. Then on Thursday night JoAnn teaches the Teachings of the Living Prophets to the young single adults and I teach a Doctrine and Covenants class as well to the young single adults. Also on Thursday afternoon we have a how to study the scriptures class then on Friday mid-day we team teach a class on celestial marriage. We also continue to attend young single adult family night on Monday and JoAnn prepares food for our munch and mingle after classes on Thursday. We will be on this class schedule for the rest of spring semester. We also have a missionary preparation class however it is taught on Sunday during our meeting block so it is being taught by returned missionaries from the branch. It is a challenge but we are doing our best. We are also starting to receive speaking assignments in the wards and branches that we are to visit. It is great to be here and be working for the Lord in his vineyard in the Fairbanks area. I didn't even mention our monthly in-service for early morning seminary teachers, our quarterly in service with other institute teachers in the Alaska area that we will be teaching part of as well. Oh also we have a weekly district meeting with the other Elders in our district. Last Sunday we were impromptu speakers at a fireside that was advertised on the wrong day.  A good group of members of the branch came and we became the speakers for the night.  We spent a nice hour talking about the blessing of the temple.

Today JoAnn spoke in sacrament meeting about the importance of scripture study and prayer.  We encourage you to read and study something in the scriptures every day.  We promise that you that your lives and your families will be blessed.  Even little ones can repeat one scripture.  It will become a wonderful habit and blessing.