Monday, March 12, 2012

This is Alaska.

      We are showing some things that are different here is Alaska.  We do not have garbage trucks so everyone takes their garbage to the Transfer Site.  There are big dumpsters there for trash of all kinds.
 This is part of the Transfer Site.  Here people deposit whatever they think someone else might be able to use under this covered area.  Anything there is up for grabs you might say.  I have even heard of automobiles being left at the transfer site.  There are always people looking for things that might be of value to them.
 This is the weather vane at the UAF campus.  I thought Calan might like these.  This is only a part of the weather vane.  It show the history of air travel right into the space era.  It's fun to watch when it's moving.
The front of the Institute building.  We never use the front doors. 
 This truck is hauling water home to their dry cabin or home.  Some homes have wells, but there are a lot of homes that have to have water brought by the water trucks or they haul their own in these tanks in the back of their pickups. 
These dogs have just come back from a run and are having dinner.  Notice the interesting dog hotel on the back of this truck.  Dog sled racing is still a very important sport in Alaska.  The dogs used to pull the sleds are not husky dogs anymore.  They are strong and sleek.  It is fun to see dogs wearing boots while they are out for walks with their owners. 
 Here are the rest of the dogs .  We pass the Dog Mushing Association Hall almost every day on the way to the Institute.  They have a huge field with lots of trails to run on. 
Sorry the picture is a bit dark, but this moose and it's brother walked right past our car at our apartment.  We took this picture as quickly as we could out of our window.   Moose have walked through the yard before, but this is the first time we caught them.

As you can tell be the pictures, we do have sunshine!  However, daylight savings time doesn't make much sense here in the summer when we have about 23 hours of daylight!  It will be spring soon, but as you can tell from the pictures, it is a long ways away here in Alaska. 

This week has been great as usual.  Some of the missionaries we have come to know well are leaving and others are going home tomorrow.  It has been wonderful to be able to work with them and get to know them.  This week is "Spring Break".  I'm not sure why they think it is spring.  We don't have classes this week, but we are still preparing for classes next week and working on institute things.  We had a missionary return home last week.  I decided to make up an invitation to Institute classes and send it to his home via the missionaries from the Branch.  He was at the institute within a few hours.  I was so pleased!  It's great to have return missionaries in our classes.  I was so pleased that the number of students in my class keeps going up.  They are such great young people.  We have learned to love all of them.

We are on the way to Family Home Evening with our group.  Hope you are doing the same.  We love you!

JoAnn and Jim